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Bedroom Storage Underwear Bra Tie Socks Storage Box Foldable Organiser Storage Box 6/7/8/24cells - AKC-W035
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4 in 1 Wardrobe Organizer


Feeling your wardrobe very untidy? Use our wardrobe to tidy up your underwears / bras / ties / socks in your wardrobe. Easier for you to find your favourite personal clothing.

wink No more looking for socks: 

When it comes to storing small supplies and accessories, our drawer organizer has clear advantages. The 4-piece storage boxes come in 4 different size, and the size of the internal grids will completely meets your needs, which is convenient for you to store clothes like socks, ties, scarfs, underwear, bra and other daily necessities in a classified way. Keep your bedroom and bathroom clean and tidy, and greatly save your housework time.

wink Stop asking your wife (mom): 

Where my socks are! Such storage bins can let your small items find shelters, just put them in your cabinet,counter, desk,closet, drawer or dresser as cloth containers, then you don't have to look through a bunch of clothes to find the one you most want to wear today, such grids can let them at a glance, and you can choose clothes in the grid order, make sure that you will wear everyone in the box over a period time.

wink Foldable & multipurpose: 

Used to put socks, bra, panties, scarfs, stockings, or as a storage bag for some bottles. Put bottles (makeup, kitchen ingredients, etc.) into each grid for easy access and won't worry about accidentally knocking them over any more.

wink Premium material & easy to clean: 

Made of high-quality non-woven fabric, no odor, no fading,and durable. Simply wipe with damp cloth.


Product Specifications

Material: Non woven fabric


6-cell - 33cm * 16cm *10cm;

7-cell - 32cm * 32cm *10cm; 

8-cell - 29cm * 16cm * 10cm;

24-cell - 32cm * 32cm *10cm

Colour: Grey, Hot Pink, Beige



  • Grey 4pcs set
  • Hot Pink 4pcs set
  • Beige 4pcs set
  • Hot Pink 8 cells
  • Beige 6 cells
  • Hot Pink 7 cells
  • Grey 24 cells
  • Grey 6 cells
  • Hot Pink 6 cells
  • Beige 7 cells
  • Grey 8 cells
  • Hot Pink 24 cells
  • Grey 7 cells
  • Beige 8 cells
  • Beige 24 cells
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