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1.8L Multifunctional Cooker Electric Cooking Pot Fast & Non Stick + Double Heat Mode Mini Steamboat with Steamer - ALCDZG
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Multifunctional small electric cooking pot with/without steamer


***Free a universal 3-pin plug converter***

Train your cooking skill and save money on eating out with this cute and useful electric cooking pot! Comes in 1.8 liter capacity, this cooking pot enables you to fry egg, steam rice, boil soup, cook noodle, saute vegetable and many more. 


♦【Multifunctional】Various dishes can be made using this cooking pot as it can be used for boiling, frying, stir fry, pan searing and etc

♦【Non-stick】Non-stick inner pot coating enables you to cook and clean easily, be it with frying egg or meat, you can flip or take up effortlessly without having to pour a lot of oil

♦【Mode adjustment】Consist of Low Heat Mode and High Heat Mode, applicable for different cooking methods, simply adjust based on preference

♦【Deep pot】Be it with pan frying or stir frying, with the 1.8L deep pot design, the oil is less likely to spill all over the place when you cook, save energy on cleaning   

♦ 【Heat induction】 360° heat transfer helps to cook your food in a faster and balanced way, ensure your food is fully cooked without burnt

♦【Additional function】Double-tier version comes with a stainless steel steamer where you can boil and steam food at the same time, very functional and time saving

♦【Thoughtful details】Wide mouth design is easy for you to pour in ingredients, stir fry and take up food, plus the 3-layer insulated pot body and anti-scald handles, no problem for you to enjoy hot food directly from the pot

♦ 【Convenient size】Small size is suitable for 1 to 2 servings, easy to control amount so you don't have to worry about cooking too much or unable to finish

♦ 【Wide application】This lightweight and portable pot allows you to use at many places such as office pantry, hostel, house, cooking allowable resort and homestay, recommended for students, single living people, couples, short-staying, small gathering and etc


Product Specifications

Pot body material: Plastic

Inner pot material: Non-stick coating

Steamer material: Stainless steel

Detachability: Inner pot is not detachable, steamer is detachable

Capacity: 1.8L

Suggested Serving: 1-2 person

Voltage: 220V

Power consumption: 300W-500W

Power rating: 600W

Plug: China plug (free 3-pin plug converter)

Anti-dry protection: Yes

Operation: Button operation

Temperature control: Yes

Preset timer: No

Smart function: Not supported

LCD display: No

Certification: CQC certified

Inner pot depth: 8cm

Pot diameter: 20cm

Type: Single Tier/Double Tier

Size (please refer to the images): 

Without steamer - 23cm (Diameter) x 13cm (Height) 

With steamer - 23cm (Diameter) x 18.5cm (Height)

Color: Khaki/Green/Pink

Packing: 1 cooking pot set+1 simple manual




  1. Green
  2. Khaki
  3. Pink


  1. With steamer
  2. Without steamer



A: How to use

1. Make sure the power button is ‘Off’ (button pressed to the centre) before usage.

2. Two heat modes – Low Heat Mode (300W power) & High Heat Mode (600W power):

(a) Low Heat Mode - suitable for boiling method such as cooking noodle, porridge and soup

  1. Pour in water/soup and food ingredients, put on the lid.
  2. Turn on the power, press button to the left for Low Heat mode and wait till it boils, change the heat mode based on preference (similar to cooking on stove).
  3. How to use the steamer: Place the steamer on top of cooking pot, put on the lid and use together with cooking pot (Note: Steamer is only used for steaming, not for other cooking methods).

(b) High Heat Mode - suitable for stir fry / frying method or making hot pot

  1. Pour in cooking oil and turn on the power, press button to the right for High Heat mode.
  2. Wait the oil to heat up, put in food ingredients and start cooking (similar to cooking on stove)
  3. How to use for hot pot: Pour in water/soup and food ingredient, put on the lid, press button to High Heat Mode and wait till it boils, then change to Low Heat Mode to maintain the boiling.

B: Never share the power socket of the product with other electric appliance to avoid safety issues.

C: Please wash the product with extra care without wetting the base or simply wipe to clean, do not soak the product in water to prevent damage and electrical shock.

D: Slight difference on size shall be allowable due to manual measurement.



Steam the ingredients and boil porridge or soup at the same time add on flavor (Eg.: Steam the chicken while boiling porridge, chicken essence will drip into the porridge, making the porridge more flavorful).

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