3D Wallpaper Nostalgia Brick Wall Waterproof Oilproof Self Adhesive Wall Bathroom Wall Homestay Memory Cafe Lobby 3D怀旧砖墙贴
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Granite brick pattern tile 3D effect wallpaper 30x30cm


Please read below reminder before making order:

  • As wallpaper is an industrialization batch product, slight colour difference may occurs in different batch of production. It is recommended you purchase sufficient quantity in an order instead of purchasing in a different time range in order to avoid the concern of colour difference.
  • Please do not apply different batch of wallpaper on your wall and raise complaint about color tone difference . We’ll not handle any complaint regarding the colour difference in different batch of product. Should you have any doubt or inquiry before the purchase, welcome to chat with our Customer Support for clarification. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Fill your wall with this granite brick pattern 3D effect self-adhesive wallpaper, vivid design of granite stone plus visually appealing color blend gives your living space a natural and relaxed feel. Be it with pasting on particular area or the whole wall, this creative wall sticker will surely give your wall a fresh and new look.


► Granite brick design, upgrade your house into a modern industrial style living area

► Odorless and free of harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, Ammonia, safe to human body

► Not only transforming the plain cement wall, the wallpaper also successfully cover minor defects of wall, such as uneven painting, mold and mildews, small cracks and etc.

► Self-adhesive pad at the back, no glue or any tool assistance required, simply peel and paste, saves energy & labor cost

► Waterproof, moisture proof and oil proof, dirts and dust are easy to wipe away using damp cloth 

► Uniquely designed to be seamless connection, not to worry about holes or seams in between each piece will affect the overall appearance

► Made with high grade PVC material, resistant to heat and flame-retarded, so the wallpaper is suitable to use as kitchen tile as well

► Strong sticking and anti-fraying ability, will stick firmly in place and not deform or crack after long time

► Light in weight and easy to cut, just use a cutter or scissors and you can trim the wallpaper into the size you want  

► Applicable walls: Generally suitable to paste on any dry and flat surface wall, such as wooden wall, glass wall, ceramic wall, lime wall, wallpaper wall, smooth cement wall

► Suitable place: Kitchen wall & stove wall, featured wall, tv background wall, bedroom wall, living room wall, pantry wall, or as an instagenic wall for restaurant and etc.


Product Specification

Material: PVC

Type: Self-adhesive DIY wallpaper

Color: Grey

Pattern: Granite brick

Size (per pcs): 30cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 0.3cm (H), square size



A) How to calculate the amount of wallpaper:

  1. Single piece wallpaper size in square meter: 30cm x 30cm = 900cm=0.09m2   
  2. Measure the width and height of your wall area
  3. FORMULA: Wall Width x Wall Height ÷ 0.09 = The amount of wallpaper
  4. Recommended to buy at least another 2 pcs for wastage
  5. For example, if wall width 4 meter, wall height 3 meter, calculation shall be 4x3÷0.09=133pcs+2 pcs wastage, total amount shall be 135pcs 

B) How to install:

  1. Clean the wall.
  2. Measure and cut the wallpaper into desired size.
  3. Remove the release liner at the back of wallpaper.
  4. Paste to the area piece by piece, carefully paste each piece and make sure the pieces are firmly attached one by one without any seam and it's done.

C) Not suitable to paste on oily wall, plaster wall, rough wall and dusted or powdery wall, as the wallpaper will not stick well thus affect the result.

D) To remove the wall paper, you can use a hairdryer to heat the wallpaper, then slowly peel from the corner to remove.

E) We recommend you to buy extra pieces in consideration of possible wastage.

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