Bath Towel AMZ 140x70cm Cotton Bath Towel Beach Towel Tuala Mandi Besar Swimming Fitness Sports Yoga ACP - ACP850
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140cmx70cm bath towel 

Important Message

Please read before placing order:

  • Washing your new towels properly will help keep them clean and new-looking for longer. Before you even use your new towels, it’s important you machine wash them to get off any dust or residue on the fabric. Generally 99% Towel will peel off some yarn when first wash, it is normal. Once you’ve done the first wash, try to keep up on washing the towels twice a week, and avoid using dryer sheets or fabric softener when washing microfiber or cleaning towels or rags. By keeping a few simple rules in mind, you can make your new towels last you a long time.
  • Don’t add clothes or other laundry to the machine, especially for the first wash. The dyes from the new towels could discolour your other laundry, or dyes in your clothes could stain your white towels.
  • If you don’t want your towels to pill, launder them only washing with towels. What is a “pill”? It’s when short fabric fibres rub together with the long fibres of bath towels, causing them to bunch and create little nubs on the fabric, or “pills.” Over drying can also lead to pills, so keep an eye on your drying time.



Why Choose Natural 100% Cotton:

► Soft to Touch - So much smoother than Polyester

► Great for Sensitive Skin - Organic product with non-chemical processing

► Eco-Friendly - A biodegradable product, make the world a better place with cotton!


► Highly absorbent to water

► Long-lasting & Durable

► High quality & Brand new

► Light & portable for easy packing

► Ideal for use at the home, beach, or after swims.


Product Specifications

✅ Size: (W)70 x (L)140 cm

✅ Material: 100% Cotton

✅ Weight: Average 350gm (+-3%)

✅ Colour: Light Grey, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green



1. Please note that slight colour difference should be acceptable due to the different screen/monitor settings.

2. Washing instructions: The dark colour towel will fade slightly when first washed.



Towels should be changed once a month.

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