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Portable and rotatable mask cream stick


- A creative stick type mask cream and an alternative form of the standard jar packaging 

- In delicate and travel allowable size, this mask is so convenient to bring to anywhere without having to prepare extra tool or fearing that it will leak or burst

- Formulated with natural ingredients including: 

  • Avocado: Known for its high nutrition contents, avocado helps to dissolve accumulated oil and dead skin, while replenish skin nutrients
  • Asian pennywort: Relieve, cleanse and repair the skin
  • Shrubby sophora: Balance and control oil secretion, minimize skin pores
  • Kaolinite: Effectively cleanse the skin and absorb dirt within the skin

- Convenient packaging perfectly solve the problems of standard jar type mask cream, such as troublesome to apply (need to wash hand after applying), less portable (especially hard to bring on board to the flight), extra tool required (spatula and etc.)

- High in moisturization, replenish the moisture in skin, which you are able to feel the difference immediately after applying

- Provide gentle care to the skin and free from harmful chemicals, will not cause skin irritation thus suitable for all skin type

- Reduce common skin imperfections such as dry skin, oily skin, enlarged and clogging pores, blackhead, blemishes and so on

- Refine the pores and perform deep cleansing, at the same time supply nutrients and moisture to the skin

- Help the skin to achieve an oil-balanced level, thus regain youthful and silky skin


Product Specifications

Ingredient: Avocado, Asian pennywort, shrubby sophora, kaolinite and other natural ingredients

Size: 10cm (H) x 6cm (W)

Net content: 40g

Type: Mask cream

Suitable skin type: Generally suitable for all skin type

Rinsing: Rinsing required

Packing: 1 pcs in 1 box



1. Green Tea

2. Eggplant



1. How to use:

- Rotate the mask cream out.

- Apply the mask evenly onto the whole face.

- Wait for around 10 minutes till the mask become dry.

- Rinse with water and continues with next step of skincare.

2. Please conduct a skin test before putting into use.

3. Stop using once skin discomfort or irritation occurs.

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