Laundry Detergent Paper Sabun Kertas Dobi 8倍浓缩洗衣泡泡纸 8x Concentration 30 sheets Box Size L /S
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8x concentrated laundry detergent sheet


An alternative form to liquid or powder detergent, easy to store and control usage quantity

Provides 8 times concentration than liquid detergent, only use 1 sheet to clean whole load of clothes

Made using natural ingredients such as coconut oil extract, no harmful chemical added, safe to use it for washing all clothes including baby clothes

Contains surface-active agents with powerful cleaning effect that dissolves all sort of stains effectively, such as coffee marks, sweat stains, hard stains and etc.

Special formula enables the detergent sheet to dissolve completely once it touches the water, no residues will remain on clothes

Cause no skin irritation and is eco-friendly to the environment

Gentle care to fabrics with less bubble produced, making your clothes look new and clean always

Soften the clothes while eliminating bacteria in clothes, your clothes won't feel rough and is wrinkle-free after washing

Suitable to use on various type of fabrics, such as linen, flannel, cotton, silk, polymer, wool and many more

Long-lasting natural smell not only get rid of odor on clothes but leaves no pungent smell on clothes after use

Product Specifications:-

Material: Coconut oil extract, surface-active agents and other ingredients

Size: Large size (11x14cm per sheet), small size (7*11cm per sheet)

Packaging: Large size 11*14cm packing in box, small size 7*11cm packing in sealing pack


1. Large 11*14cm

2. Small 7*11cm


A) How to use:

- Take out one sheet from the packing, make sure your hands are dry because the detergent sheets are water-soluble
- Put the detergent sheet directly into the washing machine cylinder, do not put into detergent box
- Put the clothes in and start the washing machine

B) Do not use this product under ultra-fast mode below 18 minutes.

C) Quantity of detergent sheet shall depends on quantity of clothes, if there are many clothes, please put in more detergent sheets for maximum washing result.

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1 box/pack (30 sheets) in 1 packing