Self Adhesive False Eyelashes with Eyeliner Effect Reusable Natural Makeup Fake Eyelashes 免胶自粘假睫毛可重复佩戴 - AZBFZ101
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Self-adhesive fake eyelashes with eyeliner effect


Natural effect self-adhesive eyelashes that can be reused for many times. Saves you time and energy on pasting and touch-up!

≈ Self-pasting function which you don't have to apply glue each time

≈ Only few simple steps to paste, very time saving especially when you are rushing for event or work

≈ Many unique patterns to choose from, each pattern is placed on a color card and secured in a round acrylic case

≈ Strong pasting ability with waterproofing function, the false eyelashes won't drop after contacting water, and can be reused for many times

≈ Fashionable and attractive, able to pair with different makeup styles and events

≈ Lightweight, slim and easy to carry around

≈ Contains eyelining effect that makes the overall appearance more natural and solid, and you don;t have to touch up all the times

≈ Free from smudging and smearing problem of makeup 


Product Specifications

Material: Synthetic fiber

Glue assistance: Not required

Size: Different sizes available (all fittable to eye size)

Pattern: Different pattern available

Packing: Packing in transparent round case



1. FZ1-01

2. FZ1-02

3. FZ3-03

4. FZ1-04

5. FZ5-05

6. FZ1-06

7. FZ1-09

8. FZ1-12

9. FZ1-46



How to apply:

1. Align the false eyelash with your natural eyelash line to determine position and check the fit.

2. Place the false eyelash as close to your natural eyelash line as possible, then gently press to paste the eyelash.

3. Use the tweezer to gently adjust the eyelashes.



If the eyelining effect of false eyelashes is less obvious, you can touch up with eyeliner at the surrounds of false eyelashes for the best effect.

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