Double Chin Face Slim Strap Kuruskan Pipi Dagu V-Shaped Face Lifter 瘦脸神器V脸提拉带睡着都可瘦脸 - ASY685
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Magical face shaping belt


- Made with high quality and skin-friendly material, comfortable and safe to use and less likely to cause sensitivity issue

- No surgery, injection and medication required, use physical way to shape the face, solve double chin, sagging skin and wrinkle problems, making your face even refined

- Very simple to use and not invasive, thus you don't feel painful when using it,

- When wearing the face lifting belt, you can continue your daily tasks without being affected

- Thin and breathable, you won't feel stuffy when wearing the belt, and it has anti-bacteria effect as well  

- Elastic and skin-fitted belt attaches firmly on your face, not easily to move around 

- The belt is foldable, light in weight and not deform easily, so you can carry around and wear at anytime anywhere

- Your skin will become tightened and face will be naturally lifted after using for some period


Product Specifications

Size: 60cm (L) x 11.5cm (W) 

Type: Full head wrapping

Adhesive: Hook-and-loop (Velcro)

Elasticity: Yes

Color: Hot pink + black

Sensitivity: Generally suitable for all skin

Packing include: 1 face slimming massage belt



1. How to use:

  • Keep your face clean and dry before usage.
  • Wear the belt with pink end facing outward, then paste the velcro tape slightly tight to make it fully wrapping your face outline. 
  • Wear for 30-60 minutes then remove anc wash your face.
  • Keep on wearing everyday. Generally after 1 to 2 months you will start to see the result. It is recommended to use 3 months for significant result. It is suitable for long term use.

2. Do not wear the belt over tight as this may cause skin discomfort.

3. Stop using if discomfort or irritation occur.

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