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Face Lift Sticker Invisible Artifact Slim Face Tape Waterproof Tape Tidak Kelihatan Kuruskan Pipi 抖音同款韩国隐形瘦脸贴 - AHDHS01
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Invisible V face sticker with instant face lifting effect


This Product is thin as 0.02mm, breathable and comfortable.Ready Stock in Malaysia

Feeling that rounded face is not photogenic? Facing sagging face and and wrinkle condition which thick makeup can't cover? No worry! No injection and medicine needed, with this magical face lifting sticker, you can build a slim, tight v-shaped face instantly and effortlessly!     

≈ Safe to use: The sticker is made of medical grade elastic film, thus contains no harmful chemicals and is safe to use by all people.

≈ High quality material: The sticker will not cause irritation or sensitivity as it is made using skin-friendly and breathable material.

≈ Elasticity: This lifting sticker is extendable to certain length, which helps to effectively lift the loose skin, regain tightened and slim face.

≈ Natural effect: Since this sticker lifts your face via physical method, non-invasive process results a natural lifting effect, and you won't feel hurt when using it.

≈ Invisibility: The matte finishing of this transparent sticker makes its color similiar to skin color, with the application of makeup, it will not be noticeable.

≈ Conveniency: No extra tools or assistance required, just paste the sticker onto face area to achieve instant result, save time and energy. Light and thin (0.2mm) sticker design also make it very easy to place into any bags. 

≈ Durability: Due to its waterproofing and oil-resistant effect, once the sticker is pasted, it can last for maximum 10 hours without falling off.

≈ Wide application: Be it with graduation day, wedding ceremony, gathering, travelling, photo shooting and other occasions, it is an ideal and alternative beauty enhancement tool for daily use.


Product Specifications

Material: Medical elastic tape

Size (size of single sticker): around 40mm(L) x 14mm (W) x 0.02mm (T) 

Elasticity: Yes 

Color: Transparent (matte finishing)

Type: Sticker/patch/Tape

Packing: 40 pcs (40 patches) in 1 box



a) 1 box

b) 2 boxes



1. How to use:

  • Keep the pasting spot clean and dry.
  • Paste one white end onto the skin next to lower ear, slightly lower than earlobe position.
  • While pressing on the pasted end and pulling the skin downward with one finger, pull another white end to the skin next to upper ear, near to the hair position and paste on.
  • Press both pasted ends with fingers for three seconds to tighten the pasting.
  • Slowly remove the arrow logo protective film.
  • Slightly adjust the sticker to make lifting effect more natural, apply makeup to cover the sticker.

2. How to remove: 

  • Pour the makeup remover onto the cotton pad.
  • Hold the cotton pad on face lifting sticker for seconds.
  • Gently wipe off the sticker and clean the skin.

3. Reminder:

  • Do not paste the sticker directly without extending it, this will have no result.
  • Though the sticker is elastic, do not pull excessively, as over squeezing of skin will cause discomfort or irritation
  • Try to keep the squeezed skin flat for the best result and comfortability.

4. Slight difference on size shall be allowable due to manual measurement.



Not only lifting the skin of both cheeks, the sticker can also be used to lift the skin of eye surrounds, mouth surrounds, neck and jaws, please see the product image for details.

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